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If you had the opportunity to watch the Solheim Cup, you were witness to some of the best ladies in the world of golf putting on quite a show.  Shot after shot, putt after putt, these ladies showed the world just how good they are.  The ball striking, on both sides was as good as I have ever seen in any tournament.

To hit the ball as solid and on line as they did, the club face must be square at impact.  To accomplish that, you need to be sure the club is set properly at the top of back swing.  The left hand will be on top with the palm facing down, while the right hand will be underneath with the palm facing up and the elbow pointing down.  The best visual I can give you is to think you are holding a tray with drinks on it at the top of your back swing.  Your right hand must be palm up to hold the tray level so the drinks do not spill.  To get the palm up, the elbow must be pointing down.    The next time you have a chance to watch the pro’s play, pay attention to where their right elbow is pointing (left elbow if left handed) at the top of their back swing.

Most good players share this one characteristic at the top of their back swing.  The right elbow is pointing down.  From here the hands can drop down, the elbow is tucked and you begin a swing path that is inside to out.  Tucking the elbow prevents you from coming over the top and generating an outside to in swing path.  We all know what happens when you swing outside to in – the dreaded slice!!

Getting the right elbow into the proper position at the top of the back swing is key and not that difficult to do.  Here is a simple drill you can do to demonstrate how you get the elbow into the proper position.  Grab any iron and take an address position.  Instead of positioning the club head on the ground, pick up the club so the head is pointing out in front of you.  Stand up straight and turn just your shoulders and chest until the club head is pointing nearly all the way back.  Note the position of the club face does not change.

Let’s do this again just as before, but this time tuck the right elbow into your kidney about halfway through the turn.  Note the position of the club face now.  It should have turned up.  Also notice how the hand position has changed.  The left hand will be more on top and the right hand will be more underneath than before.  These changes are occurring just because you tucked the right elbow during the turn.

Go ahead and experiment with tucking the elbow on your normal backswing.  Take it slow at first and pay attention to what happens with your hands.  This move will enable you to get the elbow pointing down at the top of your backswing.  You are now in a better position to generate an inside to out swing path and insure the club face will be square at impact.

If you want to become a more consistent ball striker, tuck your right elbow during the take away.  Now go make some birdies!! 

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